My Legislation

The General Assembly convened on January 11th for its 2017 Session. It is scheduled to adjourn on February 25th. 

Due to the timing of my swearing in to the Virginia Senate, I am limited in the number of bills I can introduce this session. I have introduced 7 bills this year, which you can track here
SB 1475 calls for changes to the family life education curriculum guidelines that include age-appropriate instruction that increases student awareness of the fact that consent is required before sexual activity. I am carrying this bill on behalf of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency.
SB 1476  requires the Department of Education to develop and make available to each local school board, training for hearing officers in teacher dismissal hearings. I am carrying this bill on behalf of the Virginia Education Association. 
SB 1477 makes several changes to provisions relating to blind and visually impaired students, including (i) requiring a learning media assessment (LMA) to be administered as part of the initial evaluation and each reevaluation of each student with blindness or visual impairments or more frequently, if such student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team so determines; (ii) requiring instruction in Braille reading and writing and accommodations for materials in Braille to be included in the IEP of a student with blindness or visual impairments commensurate with his IEP team's determination of his or her needs based upon the results of such LMA, and (iii) requiring the Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired to assist the Board of Education and each local school board with ongoing professional development for teachers of students with blindness or visual impairments, including knowledge of and instruction in Braille and the administration and evaluation of LMAs. I am carrying this bill on behalf of the Association for Education and Rehab of the Blind and Visually Impaired. 

SB 1478 allows a court to modify a restitution payment plan or amend the amount of restitution due for good cause shown after a hearing in which the defendant, Commonwealth's Attorney, and the victim have been notified. I am carrying this bill on behalf of the Virginia Crime Commission. 

SB 1493 establishes the Computer Science for All Virginians Students Advisory Committee and Computer Science for All Virginia Students public-private partnership. I am carrying this bill on behalf of CodeVA.

SB 1494 allows brokers to arrange rides with transportation network companies (like Uber and Lyft) but with specific drivers whom they designate as their favorites.  The bill requires such brokers to be licensed by DMV and includes insurance requirements for TNC partner vehicles operating at the request of a broker. This bill was requested by UZERV, an innovative new business in the Richmond area.
SB 1519 adds meningococcal conjugate to the list of immunizations students must receive before entering sixth grade. I am carrying this bill on behalf of the Virginia Department of Health.
I am also co-sponsoring several bills  that you can track here.
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