Energy and the Environment

Jennifer is committed to protecting Virginia's environment. She has focused on efforts to conserve Virginia’s natural resources, promote renewable energy and green jobs, and protect our environment. 

For her efforts, Jennifer consistently has been named a Legislative Hero by the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.  These efforts include:

  • Sponsoring legislation increasing the renewable portfolio standard goal to 15% by 2025;
  • Sponsoring legislation to increase transparency for the renewable portfolio program by requiring electric utilities to identify the states where the renewable energy was generated, the decades in which the renewable energy generating units were placed in service, and the fuel types used;
  • Opposing efforts to lift Virginia’s moratorium on uranium mining;
  • Supporting funding for combined sewer overflow projects in the cities of Lynchburg and Richmond to keep sewer waste out of the James River; and
  • Supporting funding for water quality improvement, cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia’s park system, and conservation of Virginia land.