On the Issues

The rights of many Virginians are under attack by those in the General Assembly who disapprove of who they are or the decisions they make, purportedly for religious reasons. Yet, the very doctrine they profess to protect demands compassion for all people, leaving judgment or condemnation to a higher power than government. Jennifer is committed to ensuring that Virginia lives up to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence that all men and women are created equal. Jennifer has fought to:

  • Protect a woman's right to choose
  • Ensure all Virginians are afforded the same rights and civil liberties
  • Safeguard fair and equal ballot access for every voter in Virginia

The Constitution of Virginia guarantees a high quality, free public school system for all children in the Commonwealth. However, Virginia has not always lived up to that promise. As the daughter of a third generation educator, Jennifer understands that a quality education is not just a lofty goal, but the key to success and financial independence. For that reason, Jennifer is committed to ensuring that Virginia provides its children with a high quality, free public education, and that Virginia builds a world-class system from pre-k to higher education. To that end, she has supported policies to fully fund and strengthen our public school systems and fought efforts to divert state funding away from it. Jennifer supports efforts to:

  • Expand Early Education Opportunities
  • Guarantee Competitive Teacher Salaries
  • Expand Career and Technical Education Opportunities
  • Ensure Bully-Free Environments
  • Improve the Funding Formula for School Localities
  • Maintain Affordability for Higher Education

Jennifer is committed to protecting Virginia's environment. She has focused on efforts to conserve Virginia’s natural resources, promote renewable energy and green jobs, and protect our environment. Her efforts include:

  • Promote Renewable Energy
  • Oppose Efforts to Lift the Ban on Uranium Mining
  • Keep Sewer Waste Out of the James River
  • Support Funding for Water Quality Improvement and Cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay

All Virginians deserve access to affordable, quality healthcare. However, too many are paying more for it, and far too many working Virginians do not have access. Jennifer is committed to common sense solutions to these problems, such as focusing on prenatal care, long-term care for our seniors and making the health care system more affordable and easier for citizens to navigate and understand. Jennifer also understands the importance of expanding insurance coverage, as too many families are only one illness or injury away from economic devastation. Jennifer has also fought measures that jeopardize the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship or impose mandates that conflict with or broadly accepted, evidence-based standards of care. Jennifer has fought to:

  • Expand Access to Affordable Health Care Coverage
  • Protect Reproductive Health Care Decisions
  • Ensure Affordable Prescription Drugs
  • Help Family Caregivers Provide Long Term Care

Homeownership is part of the American Dream, yet many Virginia families struggle to find—or keep—affordable housing. While we are emerging from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, Virginia homeowners have lost billions of dollars of equity in their homes.  Rental costs are rising faster than incomes.  Foreclosures have devastated families and communities.  Homelessness is on the rise for the first time in a decade.  Many of Richmond’s teachers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters cannot afford to live in the communities they serve. Richmond also has become an economically segregated city, yet neighborhoods with low, moderate and high income housing integrated together lead to the strongest communities. Jennifer understands that stable housing is a significant step to self-sufficiency, and is committed to maintaining affordable housing for all income levels. Jennifer's efforts include:

  • Establish and Maintain the Virginia Housing Trust Fund
  • Protect Homeowners from Foreclosure
  • Maintain Affordable Rental Housing
  • Reduce Tax Burdens on Homeowners

In Virginia’s ever changing economy, too many working Virginians continue to struggle to make a living. Jennifer has worked to ensure economic opportunity for all working Virginians and help Virginia’s economy adapt to changes in the marketplace to create jobs in new and growing industries.  Jennifer has worked to:

  • Protect and Grow Virginia Jobs
  • Reduce Tax Burdens
  • Expand Unemployment Assistance
  • Protect Homeowners from Foreclosure
  • Increase Wages and Curb Predatory Lending

One of the fundamental roles of government is to keep its citizens safe.  In addition to combating crime, we must prepare for and respond to new threats.  As a member of the Courts of Justice Committee, Jennifer has been on the front lines of a number of initiatives addressing public safety. These include promoting legislation to:

  • Curb Gun Violence
  • Combat Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • Fight Human Trafficking
  • Keep Virginia's Citizens and Resources Safe