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An online ad campaign will target websites in the “darker corners of the Internet” and mobile devices being used at rest areas as part of Virginia’s ongoing campaign to fight sex trafficking and forced labor, Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced Monday. Del. Jennifer L. McClellan, D-Richmond, who has pressed for anti-trafficking legislation in the General Assembly, also spoke at Monday’s news conference. “We’re starting to educate the public on the unique nature of this crime,” McClellan said. “How to recognize it. How to stop it. How to help the victims get help and how to not criminalize the victims."


Moms Clean Air Force released its exclusive interview with Delegate McClellan, who represents Virginia’s 71st House District.


Virginia ranks 30th among the states in solar-electricity capacity and should do more to promote the clean energy, solar supporters said Thursday. A recent report suggested Virginia should, among other things, adopt a requirement that electric utilities provide a certain amount of power from alternative energy. Del. Jennifer L. McClellan, D-Richmond, who spoke at the news conference, said afterward that the alternative-energy requirement has met resistance in the General Assembly. However, McClellan said, the 2015 legislature created a Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority to support the solar-energy industry.


Many breast-feeding moms find pumping milk at work to be a hassle. But teachers can face special challenges because of inflexible schedules and crowded school buildings. Federal law requires employers to provide hourly workers with time and space to pump breast milk on the job, but salaried workers — including teachers — are exempt. Some states have passed laws to extend protections to all women, or, in some cases, to women who are public employees.

Sarah Anzelmo-Steele worked for the Virginia Education Association when her first child was born. It was an office job, and she had the flexibility and the space to pump when she needed to. By the time she was pregnant with her second child, she was teaching in a middle school. Nervous about how she would pump at school, she testified before state lawmakers in favor of a bill that would require schools to provide nursing teachers with a nonbathroom space and reasonable breaks.


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The 2019 Virginia General Assembly is in full swing after convening Wednesday for a 45 day session.  
Governor Northam gave the State of the Commonwealth Address, which you c

Senator Jennifer L. McClellan, Chair

Virginia Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Commission

Mr. President and colleagues, ninety years ago today, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  This past April marked the 50th anniversary of his death from an assassin’s bullet.   

The Virginia General Assembly convenes for its 400th session at noon today!  In addition to the Governor's proposed amendments to the biennial budget,  we

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