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State lawmakers are moving forward with a precedent-setting change in school textbooks. The bill will require textbooks to note the body of water commonly known as the Sea of Japan is also known as the East Sea. The seemingly minor change is a sensitive topic for Korean-Americans.

“We as a commonwealth cannot and should not pick and choose whose history we will accurately portray,” said 71st District Delegate McClellan.


A bill is now on its way to the governor's desk which would require all schools to have a designated area in their building for employees and students to pump milk for their child. Meg Gruber, President of the Virginia Education Association says she heard story after story from teachers about the breast feeding issue. Delegate Jennifer McClellan then drew up a bill to require all schools to have a private lactation room.


For more than a year, we have debated whether to expand Virginia’s Medicaid program to cover people who earn incomes below 133 percent of the poverty line. That’s $15,000 per year for individuals and $31,000 per year for a family of four. To pay for this expansion, Virginia would receive approximately $6.9 billion from the federal government over the next three years. This is money Virginians have and will continue to pay in taxes whether we expand Medicaid or not. Shouldn’t that money be spent providing health insurance to approximately 400,000 Virginians, not residents of other states?


A bill giving animal control officers flexibility in dealing with livestock-injuring dogs is heading to the desk of Gov. Terry McAuliffe for signature, after passing the Senate unanimously this week. Under current law if a dog is found chasing, injuring or killing poultry and livestock, animal control and police officers have a duty to kill the dog, whether it has tags or not. Del. Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, proposed House Bill 740 this session to not only give officers more flexibility, but also to give pet owners peace of mind about their dogs. McClellan says that this bill is particularly necessary in the city because of recent ordinances that allow up to four hens to be kept in people’s backyards.

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We are now over a month into Special Session and have yet to complete work on the budget for the 2018-2020, which starts 

On Saturday, March 10th, the 2018 General Assembly Session adjourned sine die after passing over 800 bills. You can read a summary of some of the major legislation considered here. 

This is the final week of the 2018 General Assembly Session.  As of Tuesday evening, we have passed about 750 bills, with another 175 pending.  The Budget conferees have not yet reached an agreement to bridge the approximately $600 million gap between the House and Senate Budgets, primarily due to their disagreement over Medicaid Expansion. Seven of my bills have passed both the Senate and the House and now await action by the Governor.