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A lot has changed in the 45 years since the United Stated Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that access to abortion is a constitutional right. Coupled with the 1969 Griswold v. Connecticut decision granting the right to use birth control, an American woman, in theory, has gained full control over her own body, her own future, her dignity, and in too many cases — her life.

Since then, women have shattered so many glass ceilings and stormed into universities, boardrooms, legislative assemblies, courts, the military, space ... the list goes on. We have insisted on our right to participate fully in society and brought our own chairs to the table when needed. Reproductive freedom has allowed us to navigate the modern world in a whole new way.

At its 128th Annual Meeting on January 20th, the Virginia Bar Association elected Sen. McClellan to a three-year term as the Legislative representative of the Board of Governors.  

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The Virginia Senate voted 23 to 16 Friday to “ban the box” on state employment applications, a move sponsors said would provide more opportunities to people who have been arrested or charged with crimes in the past.

The bill, sponsored by Democrats Rosalyn Dance (Petersburg), Adam Ebbin (Alexandria) and Jennifer McClellan (Richmond), would prohibit state agencies from including a question on most job applications about whether an applicant has ever been arrested, charged or convicted of any crime.


Friday, Senator McClellan appeared live on Facebook and answered questions from Together We Will RVA. 

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We are now over a month into Special Session and have yet to complete work on the budget for the 2018-2020, which starts 

On Saturday, March 10th, the 2018 General Assembly Session adjourned sine die after passing over 800 bills. You can read a summary of some of the major legislation considered here. 

This is the final week of the 2018 General Assembly Session.  As of Tuesday evening, we have passed about 750 bills, with another 175 pending.  The Budget conferees have not yet reached an agreement to bridge the approximately $600 million gap between the House and Senate Budgets, primarily due to their disagreement over Medicaid Expansion. Seven of my bills have passed both the Senate and the House and now await action by the Governor.