2018 General Assembly Session - Update 4

As we enter the last full week of committee meetings before crossover, the days at the General Assembly are getting longer.   
Since my last update, the Senate has passed a number of bills I am co-sponsoring, including: 
SB 27 (Stanley) establishing a pilot community college scholarship program for children eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; 
SB 37 (Stanley) creating the Virginia Grocery Investment Fund; 
SB 44 (Favola) establishing a Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; 
SB 476  (Reeves) giving school school principals more flexibility in reported misdemeanor activity to law enforcement; and 
SB 937 (Sturtevant) providing tax credits of up to $250,000 to businesses that host a junior or senior in a Richmond Public school as an apprentice for a semester during the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 academic year.
Below I provide an update on my legislation. 

African American Women Legislators, The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and Other Leaders Call to Action to Reclaim Our Communities

Last Wednesday, I joined Delegates Lashrece Aird, Jennifer Caroll Foy, Delores McQuinn, Marcia Price, Roslyn Tyler, and Jeion Ward,  members of the  Richmond Metropolitan, Northern Virginia, Tidewater, and Charlottesville Chapters of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, and NAACP Chairman Emeritus Rosalyn Brock in a press conference highlighting legislation to  create more equitable opportunities for all communities. 

The press conference was a call to action to stop the disparities in current policies and practices resulting in the subjugation of people, especially people of color and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to continued oppressive systems. Topics addressed included Medicaid expansion, education, criminal justice reform, wages, employment barriers, and second chance opportunities.

My Legislation
Sen. McClellan with supporters of SB 906

Here is an update on what happened with  my legislation  this week.  As noted in previous updates,  SB 287  and SB 101 already passed the Senate and await House action . 

Four of my bills passed the Senate unanimously last week:

SB 291 codifies electronic services that the Department of Motor Vehicles created pursuant to budget authority granted since 1991 to provide simple, fast, efficient, and secure titling and registration of vehicles for customers and lienholders. You can watch the committee hearing explaining the bill  here.

SB 359 allows the DMV Commissioner to authorize retired local law enforcement personnel with the proper training and qualifications to teach driver education. Current law only allows the Commissioner to allow retired Virginia State Police  officers to teach drivers education.  You can watch the committee hearing explaining the bill here.
SB 456  requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop and make available annually to each public elementary and secondary school teacher in the Commonwealth a voluntary and anonymous school personnel survey to evaluate school-level teaching conditions and the impact such conditions have on teacher retention and student achievement. The bill also requires the Superintendent to report the results to the relevant General Assembly committees so they have the data available when making policy decisions on how to manage our teacher shortage.  

In addition,  SB 329  (Dunnavant), which incorporates my SB 455, passed the Senate. This bill authorizes a new provider to take over an existing methadone clinic currently located within 1/2 mile of a school or daycare in the City of Richmond and Henrico County .  

Two of my bills reported out of committee and will be voted on by the full Senate this week:  

SB 908 authorizing localities, public colleges/universities, community colleges, and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to install fee-based electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure reported unanimously out of the Commerce & Labor Committee; and

SB 293 creating a more streamlined pharmacy license for nonprofit clinics to dispense contraception and antibiotics for STD treatment reported out of the VA Senate Ed & Health Committee 12-1. You can watch the committee meeting here.
Two of my bills were carried over to the 2019 Session:  

First, at my request,  SB 909  adding discrimination  on the basis of a person's source of income to the list of unlawful discriminatory housing practices was carried over.  Over the course of the next year, I will convene a stakeholder group with Delegate Jeff Bourne, patron of the House version, to address ways to increase affordable housing options, particularly for low-income renters.   
Second, despite wide spread support, SB 907  ("The Reproductive Health Equity Act") was also carried over by the Education and Health Committee.  The bill would have codified the no co-pay for contraception provisions of the Affordable Care Act into Virginia law to protect against efforts in Washington to undo this important insurance benefit. You can watch the committee hearing here.
You can follow my bills and their progress through the General Assembly on the  LIS website  and you can read a summary of all of my 2018 legislation and view committee hearings for each on my  website 

I am eager to hear from you on issues you care about. To share your views on legislation, contact my office at (804) 698-7509 or district09@senate.virginia.gov. You can also stop by my office in the Pocahontas Building at 900 East Main Street. My offices are located in E512.
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Jennifer L. McClellan
Senate of Virginia, 9th District